A Walk and more 18.12.2005

New snow in Austria´s north and east, in some places more than 1 meter. In Winzendorf most of it has fallen as rain in the beginning, only to its end it was snow.

17.12.: In our friends´ garden in Kirchberg am Wechsel

18.12.: The day begins with sunshine. Heavy wind blows up fine powder snow and swirls it around our house.

A walk over fields near Winzendorf

Sheila hunting winter mice ...

Wild clematis climbing over bushes ...

 ... even now have ...

 ... pretty fruits.

Hay- and Straw bales

View through the Prosset - gorge to Hohe Wand. Shower clouds are hanging over the Schneeberg - region all day.

Snow is blown over the fields, ...

 ... like in Sibiria!

Prosset beck

In the afternoon we drive to friends in Feldbach (Styria). Here nearly no snow has fallen, and it is a bit warmer. Only a few amounts of snow in shadowy regions. View on Riegersburg castle, about 10 km north of Feldbach.

 ... and here with maximal Zoom.