Walk 19.11.2005

The last days the weather is windy and rainy, since yesterday it grew much colder resulting in snowing. Between the snow showers partly being very dense there are some sunny spells. At noon I start for a short walk with the dog over nearby meadows and fields.

In the plain there are only few amounts of freshly fallen snow , ...

 ... but Fischauer Berge look like more.

Sheila enjoys running over the fields

In the shadow of the trees the snow holds up for much longer.

Reed near Frauen beck

Floating wood has risen the level of Frauen beck in some places, here being much deeper than could have been expected according to last weeks´ rain.

Clouds and sun are changing rapidly today.

Frauen beck near the small bridge

In direction Schneeberg the next snow shower

 ... as well as over Hohe Wand and Prosset gorge

Sun on ruin Emmerberg, on Hohe Wand already snowing

Sun in direction Bad Fischau

Now the snow will arrive soon.