Sunflowers 6./10./14.7.2022

Once more also this year, there are many sunflower fields around Winzendorf; due to crop rotation, every year they are in a different place, so always new sceneries around.

6.7.2022: Out with the mountain bike. First heading for Weikersdorf, then the main road to Puchberg, branching off at the outskirts along the Mori beck. Some of the grain is cropped already

At the crossing of the road between Winzendorf and Saubersdorf I find the first sunflower field.

No sunflowers on the Gesanger Hill near the transponder; at the end of the small hills with the view to Schneeberg there is a large sunflower field.

Wheat ...

 ... and sunflowers. 

Another field between Dörfles and Winzendorf near the Schaffler factory.

Most of the visitors are bees, but some are rose chafers.

A third field, shortly before Winzendorf.

Like last year this time, a blimp is crossing the Steinfeld heading for Bucklige Welt.

View to Winzendorf 

10.7.2022: coming home in the evening from Kirchberg am Wechsel. Cloudy today, but shortly before Winzendorf there is a nbeautiful cloud scenery. So I take my mountain bike and the camera and look for good views at the sunflower fields.

Beautiful without sunshine, but the special something is missing.

However: does this look like a short sunny spell to come?

Getting lighter ... 

 ... and first sunrays appearing ... 

 ...  increasing ...

 ... and finally, whole bright sunshine enlightens the western evening sky.

Consequently, the sun vanishes behind the clouds. 

14.7.2022: light sunshine at lunch time, a big contrast to the evening. This field is between the last houses of Winzendorf and the cemetery.

Winzendorf with the quarry, the Prosset goreg and Hohe Wand.

A second field is extending from the road between Weikersdorf and Winzendorf downhill to near Frauen beck. 

The cemetery wall behind the flowers.

In the upper part of the fielod, the flowers have signs of dryness in the summer heat, ... 

 ... whereas more down the soil seems to contain more water, so that they are a bit fresher there. 

Near the prominent group of trees surrounding a hollow, a big group of ragweed plants is growing, the pollen of which are highly allergenic.

The lower rim of the field is not far from Frauen beck.