Sitzenberg-Reidling 13.11.2016

A familiy visit in Sitzenberg-Reidling (between Tulln and Traismauer) with an afternoon walk in cold, but sunny autumn weather.


Flat Im flachen deciduous forest near the "Pfarrbründl", above (west) of Sitzenberg-Reidling.


Autmn colours are getting less, many leaves down in the meantime.

But still many up in the trees - mostly on beeches.

We surround this large field.

On the way back this beautiful view to Sitzenberg castle and, far beyond, the Zwentendorf power plant.

At the fishing pond in Sitzenberg I go for a few photographs, while the others drive back home.

Here it has had heavy rain recently.

Sitzenberg castle reflecting in the water of the pond.

Panoramic view of Sitzenberg´s pond. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Recently, as every year end October, the water level was lowered to fish dry the carps bred here.

Therefore, part of the ground is still fallen dry. It will take another few weeks for the pond to refill.

Rests of a jetty?

Sitzenberg Castle. Here, a school of agriculture is accomodated. During summer, theatre is played in the arcade yard (sorry, links available only in German!)