Sierning valley 20.7.2019

In the beginning heat wave, we flee to a place that is just a little bit cooler - the Sierning valley - a short walk in the nature reserve ...

 ... with the view to Stixenstein castle.

Annual fleabane (erigeron annuus) besides the path

The big advantage os this route is that it goes along the back nearly all the time, so there are many bathing places for the dogs.

Bella has grown to a water dog and loves going into the water.

Lucy has a somewhat different opinion.


"Doesn´t matter, ...

...if I am a bit wet"

A wet and a dry dog ...

Wonderful river landscape.


"Don´t look, yes I know that my fur isn´t that beautiful just now."

"But fetching sticks from the water is real fun."

Susi has fun too when the dogs are enjoying.