Collecting Mushrooms 27. and 28. 8. 2005

This summer gives few oppurtunities for bathing, but the rain makes mushrooms grow. On Saturday 27.8. I go looking for parasol mushrooms in the pine forest. On Sunday I drive to Styria for "boletus hunting".

Indeed: On some places in the pine forest lots of parasols. Enough for a delicious lunch.

I canīt identify this boletus mushroom.

The same is true for this agaric (Marasmiellus rosellus?)

Another young parasol in the grass near the forest

28.8.: In Styria Iīm walking good known routes to good known places. The day is very dull, so landscape fotos donīt make sense. A short sunny spell, however, gives light to these fly agarics.

In greater amounts they can be found today: penny bun (Boletus edulis)