Walk from Schützen to Oggau 26.10.2018

We meet up with other Papillon owners near the railway station in Schützen, then everybody drives to Oggau - except me: I leave the car shortly after Schützen and walk over the Goldberg to Oggau.

View over the houses of Blick Schützen to the Leitha mountains.

Vineyards on the slopes to Goldberg.

Schützen´s church in the centre.


Yellow vine leaves ...

Schützen and the Leitha mountains, with the small town of Eisenstadt to the left in the distance.

Vierw from Goldberg over Schützen to the Leitha mountain.


Passed the "ridge" and down a bit to the resting place. The common situation: Uriel, the papillon of our friends Gabi and Gerhard, is far in advance.

View from the resting place to Oggau and the lake Neusiedl.

Oggau and the lake Neusiedl.

Oggau and the lake Neusiedl.

A last view back to the Leitha mountains with the Goldberg to the right.

Oggau and the lake Neusiedl.

On the horizon should be the village of Neusiedl.

Fruit trees.

Vineyards as far as you can see.

Some sorts of vine get red leaves.

Other one turn yellow or get mixed colours.

Arrived at the outskirts of Oggau.

All kinds of colour ...

View in the direction of St. Margarethen.