Schoberalm 1.12.2011

There is a change in the weather forcast for the next weekend for sun and mist to come to an end. So, for a last time for a while, I take my camera and move myself up to the mountains. After a jobīs drive to Ternitz I continue my way up the Sierning dale to Puchberg and further up till the few houses of the hamlet of "Oehlerhansl", where I start my walk up to the Schoberalm, a beautiful large mountain pasture place.

At the beginning of the pasture the mist comes to its end.

View to Schneeberg through the last reminders of mist.

The huts of the pasture are still in morning shadow of the nearby Groessenberg (another Groessenberg as that one near my home, btw!)...

 ... but things are changing rapidly now ...

 ... and soon the pastures are bathed in bright sunligt.

Last parts of mist on the view back.

Now I walk over the grassland to the small saddle in the background to the right ...

 ... behind which (after a short 50 m forest passage) I get the finest view over another pasture land, the so called Mamauwiese ("Mamau meadows") to Schneeberg.

In the background of the grassland, to the right hidden behind the trees is the mountain inn of the Mamauwiese.

Sorry, no time to walk over the Mamauwiese, I have to draw back soon and enjoy the walk over the free grassland of the Schoberalm and the view to the mountain called Schober (1.213 m).