Dawn and Dusk - 8.11.2006

Fresh snow on Schneeberg after the last rainy weekend. After my start from Winzendorf I have a glimpse to Schneeberg and spontanuously decide to make a short detour for a better look.

Viewing to eastern direction shows the sun still being hidden behind Rosalia mountains, ...

 ... but first weak rays are sent to Schneeberg.

The light is now getting more and more intense, and a few minutes later all the surrounding fields are enlightened.

Panoramic view in southwestern to northwestern direction, from near Weikersdorf. For left the Semmering mountains with prominent Sonnwendstein, then Schnneberg, followed by Hohe Wand. In front of Hohe Wand, from left to right, Kienberg, Mitterberg, Prosset gorge and Winzendorf with the disused limestone quarry behind.

Click into the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg, ...

 ... this time zoomed in.

The days are short in November, and there is only short time for being out in the afternoon. So I decide to have a look at the last sunbeams at the summit of Hutwisch, with its height of 896 m the highest summit of the region of "Bucklige Welt".

Luckily, I can manage to be there on the View - tower a few minutes before sunset. Gorgeous view from there in all directions. It is too late, however, for a panoramic picture now, but ...

 ... the sun sinking behind Masenberg ..

 ... can be observed still.

A last red glimpse, ...

 ... and the landscape is left ...

 ... in cold November darkness.