Helicopter flight up Schneeberg pictures by Hans-Jürgen Pietsch, 22.4.2016

Every year, prior to re-opening of Fischer Hütte after winter closure, "basic services" are brought up by helicopter - as opposed to the other houses around, the Fischer hut cannot be supported by an all terrain- vehicle or by the rack railway. Only late summer, when all the snow has disappeared, support can be accomplisghed by "road".

The helicopter has to do several flights, of course. So, Hans-Jürgen could persuade the pilot to take him up with his family, and sent me his pictures afterwards.

A big, slender machine.

The truck with the meat is already waiting.

Big bags are prepared ...

 ... and attached to the rope.

And off he goes.

Up the northeast flank of the mountain with the Breite Ries ...

 ... towards the snow.

Reached the height of the plateau.

At the end of April ...

 ... still lots of snow around Fischerhütte.

View along the plateau to the southeast, where we are heading.


The former Summit station of the rack railway ...

 ...and the Elisabeth´ church.

Down now into the Miesel´dale- Hoher Hengst to the right. I walked the serpentines of the forest road several times.

Schneebergdörfel, far right the hamlet of Knipflitz.


Dürre Wand in the background, on the horizon is Unterberg.

Looking steeply down to Schneebergdörfel - we are landing soon.