Schneeberg 19.6.2017

The first day of a period of good weather and a heat wave, and I don´´t have to work today. Hans-Jürgen Pietsch also can take a day off, so we meet up at 20 to nine at the rack railway station to travel up Schneeberg.

Our route for today.

And off we go. This cloud around the summit should dissolve regarding today´s weather forecast.

Short stop and stay at the Baumgartner station, to buy the Buchteln.

We take the first steep ascent to the Waxriegel. Here Zwergprimel (Primula minima) ...

 ... and Mountain cowslips (Primula auricula) are still growing, because this slope was snow covered for a very long time.

View back to the Elisabeth church ...

 ... and to the hotel.

On the steep slope to the Waxriegel. Still a bit cloudy.

Gorgeous flower meadows on the top.

You get the very best view to the summti ridge of Schneeberg from the Waxriegel. Clouds are lifting as expected.

In the meantime, some sign-boards have been mounted. Shame that they didn´t include the time you need to walk there.

Hans-Jürgen at the summit cross of the Waxriegel

Puchberg. Too dusty for a farer view today.

Gletscher - Gänswurz (Subspecies Kalk-Gämswurz, (Doronicum glaciale).

After a quick coffee at the bar of the Damböck house, we cross over the small plateau to the Bockgruben ridge for our route to the summit (Klosterwappen).

Her majesty is looking graciously.

Moss campion (Silene acaulis)

On the way up to the ridge we have to pass some snow-drift-filled dolines.

View back to the Damböckhaus.

Moss campion (Silene acaulis)

Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala) covering large areas.

Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala)

Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala)

View to the Schneeberg summit, the Bockgrube to the left.

Lots of snow up there regarding its the second half of June!

Kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria)

Kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria)

Whirled Lousewort (Pedicularis verticillata).

View to the Rax - with a pretty foreground.

View back to the Damböckhaus

Panorama of the southern slopes of Schneeberg - Mittagskogel, Rax, Schneeberg summit. Semmering mountains in the background. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Clusius Gentian (Gentiana clusii) on the steep slope to the Klosterwappen.

On the Klosterwappen, the highest summit of Schneeberg (2.075 m)

360 degree panoramic view from the Schneeberg summit (2.075 m). Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

We already met the cameramen from Servus - TV in the Schneebergbahn, now the associated helicopter comes for a camera flight (the camera is mounted on the prow.

The radar station at the Klosterwappen.


View to the Kaiserstein and the Fischerhütte.

At the hut, we meet Karl Tisch, the "Schneeberg-Koarl" and the camera team. When you sit there with two locals from Puchberg, the landlady joins you for a short chat.

Koarl is an experienced photographer and can handle my camera.


Everybody is now on the outlookfor the para glider, who is announced to come up, land, and fly back.

The helicoper also is on the outlook.

Here he is.

Landing safely - a good place for landing.

A second start, a second approach.

It´s time now to leave to catch our train at 2:45 p.m.

View back to the Klosterwappen.

Globeflowers (Trollius europaeus)

Globeflowers (Trollius europaeus)

Gorgeous flower meadow with Kidney vetch (Anthyllis vulneraria), Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala) and ...

 ... narcissus-flowered anemones (Anemone narcissiflora).

Narcissus-flowered anemones (Anemone narcissiflora).

Back at the church, which is in repair at the moment..

Our train is arriving already - regarding 5 minutes stay, we aren´t here too early.

A last view down to Puchberg, ...

 ... and we enter our train.