Solstice fire Schneeberg Breite Ries 20.6.2015

Karl "Koarl" Tisch has asked me to make pictures from this year´s solstice celebrations which are traditionally held with a big nightly fireplace somewhere on a mountain. In Puchberg, this is usually done in the Breite Ries, the large scree coming down from Schneeberg.

So I find myself at 9:30 p.m. on the Eichtalwiese, a hill some 100 m high between Puchberg and Pfennigbach. From here you have a very good view over Puchberg to the Breite Ries.

To warm myself up with the camera I make a few pictures of Puchberg and the surrounding area. This is the view to Pfenningbach and Klaus.

The fireplace is on already in the Breite Ries.

Moon and Venus are watching too ...

Regrettably, it is very windy today, so that I have to delete many of the pictures ...

 ... and most of the remaing ones are not perfectly sharp.

At 10:20 p.m. a first Bengal firework is lit.

It illuminates the Breite Ries - at least the parts that are not wrapped in clouds.

In the meantime, a view down to Puchberg.

Now they inflamed a red burning fire cross ...

 ... and a second Bengal firework which illuminates even bigger parts of the mountain slopes.

The Bengal firework is expired now, but the fire cross is still burning ...

 ... for a while.