Schneeberg in morning light 8.3.2006

Being extremely busy during the last weeks, I nearly never go out. The following pictures thus are made on my drive to work from Winzendorf to Oberwart

1st March 2006, from a parking place of the highway A2: Hochwechsel, hoarfrosted, in morning sunlight

8th March 2006: Due to the beautiful morning light, I take a short detour in Weikersdorf. AT the outshirt of the village in direction to Saubersdorf I take a short stop. Schneeberg is covered by huge amounts of snow this year, as nearly never seen before.

Hohe Wand in sunlight

Sonnwendstein in the Semmering region

Panorama of Semmering, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, far right Weikersdorf┤s church. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Winzendorf behind trees, Prosset gorge and Hohe Wand


and once more Schneeberg, this time from the A2 highway rest near Z÷bern.