Schlossberg round walk 8.2.2022

While the car is at the service in Alex Fangl´s garage in Gaaden, I use the waiting time for a short walk, despite a heavy wind.

I walk up the horse chestnut alley ...

 ... to the ruin ...

 ... Emmerberg. 

Further on up the mountain to the ridge. On the way, in a small place there is view above the trees to Schneeberg, being in the sun. Heavy wind is driving snow along the slopes of the mountain.

My descent on the northern side of the Schlossberg leads through a narrow rift down to the fields of the Neue Welt.

Still sun on Schneeberg and huge snow banners.

Along the edge of the woods, the route leads back ...

 ... to the horse chestnut alley.

Schneeberg looks so impressive today, so, on the drive home with the serviced car, I take a short detour from the Teichmühle, a few hundred metres in direction Maiersdorf. Zweiersdorf in front of Schneeberg.