Walking Schlossberg and Engelsberg 14.2.2017

Ground fog over Winzendorf, but the Webcam tells me that I donīt have to drive very far to see the sun.

Into the sun as early as at the head of the Prosset gorge.

Behind the Emmerberg ruin mist is lurking.

Last remnants of snow ... the ground still frozen.

Hoarfrost in the shadow.

At the ruin Emmerberg, view down the Prosset.

A bit above, on my favourite view to the "Neue Welt". Ruin Emmerberg, Schneeberg, with Kienberg in front to the left, far right is Hohe Wand.


More upwards, on the "rock slab" - ruin Emmerberg and Schneeberg. Mist in the Prosset and till Netting.

Ruin Emmerberg, with Wechsel and Semmering in the background.

Schneeberg and "Neue Welt", with Zweiersdorf and Maiersdorf.

A bit more up on Schlossberg.

Now in the forest, crossing the plateau.

On the rocky outcrop above Winzendorf. View into the mist ...

No I climb the steep escape up to the Engelsberg.

View from Engelsberg over the Schlossberg to Schneeberg.

Once more ... the 14 mm wide angle lens catches quite a lot ...

At the upper edge of the marble quarry - and the mist over the stonefield starts to dissolve.

At the marble quarry

Still mist on Wiener Neustadt.