Schlossberg 21.1.2016

A few days ago it has snowed at last, though only very little amounts. Wednesday, 20.1., I go for a´n hours´ short walk to the fields, but with me the camera.

Schneeberg summti in clouds today.

Winzendorf and the Fischau mountains. I shall look down tomorrow from the small rock in the forest, a bit left to the middle of the picture.

The pond is frozen in the coldness of the last days, and Lucy tests the ice.

Weikersdorfs church


21.1. - early morning, it is snowing densely. Late morning, the clouds lift, and at about 11 a.m. I decide for a walk around Schlossberg, this time starting from its opposite side. Hohe Wand is free already ...


 ...  but not so the Schneeberg.

Winter forest

At first, the path leads along the outskirts of the forest, with repeated free views to Hohe Wand.

The it leads steep up in a ravine.

Arrived on the rock. Panoramic picture of the Steinfeld, with Weikersdorf in the centre, in the foreground to the right is Winzendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Weikersdorf with the Rosalia mountains in behind

Viewing to the left for Wiener Neustadt.


A short miunte of sunshine up here.

Now crossing the plateau of the Schlossberg ...

 ... through wintery forest  ...

 ... back to the ruin Emmerberg ...

 ... to reach my car in a minute.