Schlossberg 14.12.2011

Today, I wake up to a clear sky and sunshine. The weather report is for mist in the dales however. During the following hour, the mist appears, drawing up from Wiener Neustadt. As this happened just recently and a glimpse of blue sky is still visible, I decide to have a look at the mist drawing up to the West, and start for a short walk on Schlossberg.

The mist ends at the large disused limestone quarry. A roof for Winzendorf´s Karl May festival area is under construction. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The further route leads me through the forest to the western escarpments of Schlossberg down to Neue Welt, near the summit. On the summit there is only poor view, but here I found a slightly inclined rock plateau of about 10 m2, above a 15 m escarpment, where I set up my tripod and meditate the stunning view, making pictures from time to time. To the left, behind the ruin of Emmerberg is the Semmering/Wechsel region, then Kienberg with Schneeberg behind, to the right is Hohe Wand. We are looking over the slightly inclined dale area of the "Neue Welt". I leave the visitor now alone with the pictures, which repeat in motive, but not in the fog situation.

Panoramic view. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

An additional layer of high clouds is drawing in from Southwest, more and more shadowing the sunshine.

So, I leave my beautiful viewpoint and walk back to Winzendorf - this time through dense mist.