Schlossberg 24.2.2011

End of February, and -10 °C in the morning. After a clear night the sun is shining, so I put on warm clothes and walk on Schlossberg.


At the ruin Emmerberg, viewing to Kienberg, far right is Hohe Wand. Schneeberg to its left is barely seen in the extreme dust.

Panoramic view with Emmerberg, Kienberg and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

New snow or hoarfrost on Hohe Wand. Knowing that, IŽd have been there now. Burt here it is beautiful too ...

Small amounts of snow in the shadow.

I climb up to the southwestern end of Engelberg - stepp forest and a very short easy scrambling passage.

Stunning view to Hohe Wand from here - to the left is Schlossberg, from where I have walked to this place.

First hazelnut flowers - despite the coldness.

A short visit to the marble quarry.

Old water reservoirs.

The view over Steinfeld is not existent today. Even the Rosalia mountains cannot be seen.

The quarry wall. Here, brown marble had been cut fromo the rocks using steel ropes.

The hut of the workers haas been renovated two years ago - it now can be used for parties and fiests.