Schlossberg 6.3.2010

Yesterday evening, it was snowing for about an hour. Being rather cold now, the snow stayed till today. I start for a 2 1/2 hours´ walk over Schlossberg.


At first, I walk up the steep ascent near the large disused limestone quarry. From up there, you get the best view over Winzendorf.

Details of the region named "Sulzaecker", where I am living ...

 ... and a picture from about 14 years ago. Only a few houses are standing on the area, just a few years before released for settlement. Thanks to Hans Hainisch for the picture.

More details.

Viewing to the Wechsel reagion. I t is rather dull today.

Now walking on the plateau, smoothly ascending to the summit of Schlossberg ...

 ... where you get a good view to Muthmannsdorf

and to the northeastern part of Hohe Wand

A ahort descent brings me closer to ruin Emmerberg. Schneeberg ís not visible today.

Panoramic view of the western part of Neue Welt, from a bit beneath Schlossberg summit. Click here or into the picture for a larger verison.

A bit closer now to ruin Emmerberg

Panoramic view over ruin Emmerberg and Neue Welt to Hohen Wand. Schneeberg is not visible today. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Ruin Emmerberg, in the background to the right is Kienberg.

I now walk down to the valley, which I cross at the entrance to Prosset gorge near the Teichmuehle inn.

Prosset beck. The further route leads me a further bit along Neue Welt til shortly before Netting, from where I return to Winzendorf via the wayside shrine called "Waldandacht".