Cross Country skiing Winzendorf 11.3.2005

Still it is winter at times when usually snowdrops and daffodills are flourishing. Best conditions for cross country skiing over fields near Winzendorf. Temperature -10  0C, new powdery snow over compact, frozen and sustainable old snow.

Grasses are covered with hoarfrost over night

View to Wechsel and Semmering with prominent Sonnwendstein (1.523 m, about the centre of horizon)

Frauen beck

More and more Schneeberg comes into sight

Hoarfrost on bushes too

Extensive snow drifts behind wind break hedge

A somewhat shy resident of the fields

Snow drift almost fills the beck. In the background to the right Schneeberg

Farmers do hard in getting their hay and straw bales. Cross country skiers enjoy the track


On the way back to Winzendorf. The group of trees in the forground surrounds a cavity partially filled with rubbish. Is this an old strategic position of World war II? - after all, there were heavy fights in the surroundings in 1945.