Cross country skiing in meadows and fields near Winzendorf, 4.2.2005

Winzendorf´s last houses heading for Fischauer Berge, behind the valley (Prosset Schlucht) is Hohe Wand

Frauen Beck

View over fields heading for Saubersdorf

View back to Winzendorf

Frozen pond

The same frozen pond from the opposite side

The church of Weikersdorf

My round walk finally leads back to Fischauer Berge and Winzendorf

Heading over the south end of Wiener Becken to Bucklige Welt

Snow capped bales of straw

Winzendorfs old limestone quarry

Snow covered Vineyards and Fischauer Berge

View in direction Wiener Neustadt (left of the black pines the water tower in the background)

The first houses of Winzendorf

View back over the fields in direction Bad Fischau

Prosset beck under ice and snow