Saubersdorf and Neue Welt 17.-20.10.2021

Quiet und sunny autumn days are motivating to walks and bike rides.

17.10. A bright morning - good to walk to the hill called Gesanger Bühel in the morning. First autumn colors ...

 ... with view to Schneeberg. 

I took my long telephoto lens with me, ...

 ... now directing to Schneeberg. 

On the other side: Bucklige Welt and Pitten with its paper factory.

Rather cold morning with first hoarfrost outwearing in the shadow. 

Hohe Wand. 

19.10.: A local dog walk in the afternoon on the grassland at the Frauen beck near Winzendorf

Schneeberg a bit dusty today.


20.10.: An appointment for the car service at 8 a.m. brings me to Gaaden. Early sunshine on Schneeberg. 

Took the bicycle out of the car, but don´t want to ride home immediately.

Sunrise over the Prosset gorge. 

Riding a bit heading for Maiersdorf  ...

View back to ruin Emmerberg. 


View to Schneeberg. 

Aumumnal charlock seed in full flower.

Panoramic picture of Schneeberg and Hoher Wand, to the left the southwestern Fischau mountains with the Kienberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


I proceed my ride to Netting, shortly before this view to Hohe Wand.

Behind the saddle near Netting a nice view to the southern Vienna´s plain.

Colourful forest. 

Last flowers on a fallow. 

Down to Strelzhof  and allong the birch alley near Dörfles.

The birch alley and the Schneeberg. 

Birch alley. 

I pass by this paddock in Dörfles. 

Heading for Saubersdorf now. 

Autumn colours near the ponds ... 

 ... and on the low hills. 

Behind Saubersdorf, I take in a short leg of the "Reitweg" (bridle way") and wonder at this millet field.

More charlock seed fields in flower.

Autumnal charlock seed fields with the view to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Far left the spire of St. Egyden´s church. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The spire of St. Egyden´s church with the Schneeberg.