Saubersdorf and Kienberg 9./12.3.2022

Walking the fields, and a morning walk on the Kienberg.

9.3.: Late morning, when it is not that coold, a walk with the dogs on the fields in direction of Saubersdorf.

Schneeberg is seen very clearly today.

On the hill with the transponder (Gesanger Bühel).

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. a few foen clouds emerging.

More foen clouds.

During winter, as long there is now growth, you may walk across grassland, so I reach the opposite side of the gentle hills.

12.3.: Staring between Strelzhof and Willendorf, up the valley, and at the grassland branching off to the right up the unmarked path. Flowrishing cornel, whewreas puddles in the permanent shadow on the gravel road up are filled with ground ice.

First glimpse of Schneeberg between the trees of the forest steppe.

Wnderful forest steppeon the southern slope of Kienberg, with  downy oaks standing around loosely.

The view back to Willendorf and Würflach.


One more view back, before I cross through the short leg of wood to the summit of Kienberg.

Summit plateau.

Enjoying the panoramic view from the rock shortly beneath the summit, to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A bit down along the southwestern ridge first pasque flowers.

I descend via the "Irma path", ...

 ... with a short detour to the Zweiwiese for another view to Schneeberg.