Saubersdorf Urschendorf 3./6.11.2022

Wonderful autumn weather - riding the fields with the mountain bike between Winzendorf, Saubersdorf, St. Egyden and Dörfles.

3.11.2022: Fön weather, a sign of deteriorating weather within a day or so. A wall of fön clouds on Schneeberg.

Sunshine down here, but windy - the fön wind makes bike riding a bit strenuous at times.

Oilseed rape (or mustard?) fields will look like this till the first frosty night. No crop of course, but green manure will activate and vivify the soil after being plugged into the ground.


Winzendorf with the big limestone quarry.

6.11.2022: After heavy rain nearly the whole day of Nov. 4th and a cloudy day on Nov. 5th, the sun is back today, though a great bit cooler and still a bit windy.

On my way with the mountain bike.

On the hill near the transponder - the omnipresent view to Schneeberg, which has received a cap of snow around the summit.

I branch off for Saubersdorf. This seems to be the field where the pumpkins are grown which afterwards are sold throughout the winter in farmer Krenn´s farm shop in Saubersdorf.

Many kinds of pumpkins are growing here. Being no expert, I cannot name them.

In between on the nearby field a scentless false mayweed (Tripleurospermum inodorum)

Shortly before the descent to Saubersdorf, I branch off to the gravel road for St. Egyden/Urschendorf.

I have to take the main road for a short part, but here I get another nice view to St. Egyden and the Schneeberg.

I branch off for Dörfles, then take a bit of the trail of the disused connective railway Willendorf - Neunkirchen.

Once more fields in flower.

Hohe Wand

European spindle (Euonymus europaeus)

European spindle (Euonymus europaeus)

Willows along the Johannes beck.

I once more branch off heading for Strelzhof. On the way this beautiful pond.

I end up at the birch alley near Dörfles.

The birches have partly lost their leaves already.