Saubersdorf St. Egyden 30.10.2018

A walk with Bella between grassland and fields: Saubersdorf - St. Egyden (Lucy is occupied at home)

It is warm, with foen wind, near 20 °C.

Corn fields cropped at last.

A foen cloud hanging on Schneeberg.

The fishing pond half way to Saubersdorf.

Green manure is growing well this year due to the warm weather.

The cloud´s remaining on Schneeberg.


View to Schneeberg ...

 ... and to Wiener Neustadt.


Apart from purple tansy, oilseed rape and clover, the farmer also has seeded ramtil (Guizotia abyssinica), a tropical plant not standing frost, never getting seeds so no problem as a neophyt. Thanks to Gabi Hanauer and Kurt Ableidinger for identification.

Wiener Neustadt.

Purple tansy (Phacelia tanacetifolia) and the view to Hohe Wand.


The view to the Wechsel region. Winter seed has grown well.


St. Egyden.


Reed at a small goit near Dörfles.

Back near Winzendorf.