Saubersdorf - Puchberg 5./6.10.2022

A short bicycle tour to the fields and a short walk to the Sebastian - waterfall near Puchberg/Sonnleiten.

5.10.2022: A short bicycle tour to the fields to Saubersdorf. Autumn is on the way; the first snow on Schneeberg however is nearly molten apart from the huge summit snow cornice.

Autumn flowers with visitors - a bee and a silver-washed fritillary - butterfly (Argynnis paphia).

Due to the long dry period this year (starting already in the winter), the "Panorama" - pond is nearly dried out. The carps are already visible near the surface and struggling for their life.

6.10.2022: A short walk from Puchberg/Sonnleiten ...

 ... to the Sebastian - waterfall. In contrast to other becks in the region, this one has a bit of water.

Lunch for the dogs.

Sebastian - waterfall.

Autumn in - a short leg beneath Sonnleiten, where we awlk another few minutes.

Afterwards, we drop in the hotel Schneeberghof in Puchberg - the owner now has one of our this year´s 5 Papillon puppies. Very nice relaxed time at the sunny hotel patio with an exquisite lunch (early dinner) - the kitchen can be highly recommended.