Saubersdorf Fields 20.10.2020

After about 10 rainy days, back on the mountain bike, riding the gravel roads from Winzendorf to Gerasdorf und Willendorf.

Near the mall hill called "Gesanger Bühel", the view to Schneeberg. Lots of new snow, some people even did this winter´s first ski tours.

Winzendorf´s large limestone quarry.

Near Urschendorf, heading for Gerasdorf. Der flat, overgrown dam to the right is the trail of the disused local railway between Willendorf and Neunkirchen, (sorry, the link is only  in German) working between 1909 and 1942 connecting the two places. It mainly was used for a more direct transport of Grünbach´s coal to the industrial region of Ternitz.

New vineyard near Gerasdorf. In former centuries, vine was cultivated in abundance in this region, with the climate change some people seem to try this once more.


A grassland with autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale) between Gerasdorf and Willendorf.