Saubersdorf 3.2.2022

Short walk from Weikersdorf over the fields to the pond and the transponder, and back on another route.

Schneeberg in a special light today - shadow from a clouds on the fields, and sun on the summit.

Much enhanced contrast, (which makes taking pictures more difficult, due to the big light contrast).

This view is accompanying me nearly all the way.

I have crossed the road between Winzendorf and Sauberdsdorf.

Panorama pond.

Beautiful view today from the hill with the transponder.

On the way back, near a small alluvial forest at the outskirts of Saubersdorf: Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis).

Sun disappears from the mountain on my way back.

Nearly back to the car.

Sunshine on the fields now and shadow on the moutnain - opposite to before.