Saubersdorf Fields 10.12.2021

Yesterday, on Dec 9th, it snowed half the day, so a blanked of 15 cm accumulated.


Not very keen of walking while it is snowing, though trees and bushes are beautiful. Therefore, only these two pictures with the phone.

But today, on Dec 10th, the sun is back, and it is cold. the snow is powdery, so the dogs get their coats, and I start out to the fields between Winzendorf and Saubersdorf.

Clear visibility apart from Schneeberg summit wrapped in a hat of clouds. 

The "Panorama" pond is frozen now.

Now heading for the low hill called "Gesanger Bühel"

View to Wiener Neustadt.

On the Gesanger Bühel. A few large snow balls have survived last evening´s thaw.

Near the transponder on the Gesanger Bühel. The clouds are staying up there persistently.


Panoramic picture of Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand, as seen from the Gesanger Bühel.

The inclined chapel on the Gesanger Bühel.

View to Winzendorf.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

View to Wiener Neustadt. A bit of ground fog over there.

View to St. Egyden and the Bucklige Welt.


Mori beck.


Now, the cloud on Schneeberg summit reveals itself as a foen cloud, by its upper left margin. No foen wind down here though.

On the way back.

A bank of gruond fog is drawing to Bad Fischau and the vine yards of the Fischau mountains.

Fog in the direction of Weikersdorf.

And all of a suddenk, the mist arrives ...

... and makjes for a mystical mood.

Beautiful last part of the walk along the Mori beck, back to the car.

The view to Schneeberg is a bit blurred now. The mist at the vineyards has disappeared however.


A short detour to the opposite outskirts of Winzendorf at the vineyards for a short glimpse over the bank of clouds, drawing from Wiener Neustadt over the flat pine forest. Rosalia mountains still visible above.