Sunrise near Saubersdorf 14.2.2021

I woke up early, looked out of the window and realized that the sun will shine - in about half an hour. Hurry up, get dressed (with 5 layers due to the very cold morning frost) and drive to the Gesanger Bühel for this morning´s photo shooting.

Quickly set up the tripod, take the large telephoto lens, and started. First rasy of sun on Schneeberg summit.

Slowly getting more.

All still in the shadow down here, even Hohe Wand still without sunshine.

Mist swirling around the summit area.

Now the sun starts to illuminate the Breite Ries, ...

 ... and now the upper half of the whole mountain is in the sun. 

Getting lighter in the east.

First sun on Hohe Wand.

The fog is rather persistent.

Sunrise down here - behind the Rosalia mountains.

The Gesanger Bühel (= the hilltop where I´m standing) casts its long shadow on the field.

One camera with the telephoto lens on the tripod, the second one in my hand.

More light now on Schneeberg

Hohe Wand with the transponder on its highest point, the Plackles. Directly in front of the transponder is the Kienberg, the highest mountain of the Fischau mountains.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

Slowly moving sunshine into the fields in front.

The sun goes up a little bit higher.

Still mist swirling around Schneeberg summit.

Sunshine now on the Steinfeld in the direction of Wiener Neustadt

Elisabeth´s church and the hotel with the Waxriegel in behind.

Breite Ries and Kaiserstein. The mist is decreasing now a bit.

The shadows are getting shorter. Click here or into the picture for a larger display of this little panoramic picture.

Free view at last to the Kaiserstein.

Still mist on Klosterwappen.

But the mist returns.

The sun is even a bit higher now.

Saubersdorf and the view to the Bucklige Welt.

Again more mist on Schneeberg.

Completely chilled through, I decide to give up and venture home at 8 a.m. A ski touring lady tells me in the evening, that the mist had dissolved at about 8:30.

First hazel catkins after last week´s thawing.