Saubersdorf Fields 1.2.2021

SWalking the fields, from the Panoramateich to St. Egyden and back.

Interesting weather today: slight mist ove the flat land and clear air above. Schneeberg is shining down through the dust.

Walking a round route.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

On my way, I examine the conglomerate rocks, laying around and collected together by farmers in uncultivated areas along ways and on small knolls.

An exciting mix of multiple different sorts of rock.

The small rocky areas are overgrown by bushes - the big tree to the left is a mahaleb cherry.

A group of roe deer. Good, that the dogs are on the lead.

Shortly before St. Egyden.

Shortly before St. Egyden/Urschendorf. The conglomerate rock hill to the right, overgrown by black pines, is shown out as "Pfaffenstein" on old maps. 

On the way back I pass by an area, where the farmer has removed the thin layer of soil and exposed the conglomerate rocks. I´m not sure about that - is there a quarry planned?

Exposed "Rohrbach conglomerate".

One more view to the variegated mix of rocks, petrified gravel of a 7 millions of years old river bed.

The well beneath Pfaffenstein, ...

 ... is pouring its water into the adjecent grasslands.

After a wet autumn and winter, not only the fields, but also the gravel road is covered by water.

In the evening, I once more venture out and put up my tripod near the wayside shrine on the Gesanger Bühel, with the camera and the super telephoto lens mounted.

Only a few pictures like this one.

The dust on Schneeberg did not diminish in the evening, so with 2/3 moon, Schneeberg is only an undistinct shadow.