Clear views from Saubersdorf 20.1.2021

I have bought me a long telephoto lens which is already a small telescope. With it and a tripod I start out in bright sunshine and snow, to give it a try.. Der Rucksack hat 10 kg, aber heute ist mir das egal. The rucksack has about 10 kg, but today I don´t mind.

Zooming out maximally (150 mm) just allows whole of Schneeberg into the picture.

Zooming in to 600 mm is much more, this view just goes to the summit of Klosterwappen to the left half of the large scree named Breite Ries.

Whole of Breite Ries

St. Elisabeth church and the Hotel.

An intersting perspective: Willendorf, Faden saddle and Kuhschneeberg.

Intersting details on Hohe Wand: Hochkogel house, with Luf inn to its right.

Geländ with the Gelände hut

Kohlröserl house

Plackles with the transponder, hidden behind the large grassland is the Wilhelm Eichert hut.

The view also goes to the Sonnwendstein ...

 ... and to Wiener Neustadt. 

Lichtenwörh and the Leitha mountains.