Saubersdorf 4./6.11.2019

Changeable autumn weather has started, as usual for November. Between rainy days, there are half days with bright sunshine. Two dog walks to the fields between Winzendorf, Saubersdorf and St. Egyden.

4.11.2019. Still a cap of clouds on Schneeberg, and after last night´s rain a bit of new snow in the summit region.

View from beneath to Blosser Berg.

Gravel road behind the area of the Schaffler company.

Last autumn flowers.

6.11.2019: more rain yesterday, so there is more new snow on Schneeberg.

Still fruits on some of the blackthorn bushes. I keep this in mind for tomorrow ...

Heading for St. Egyden ...

Lucy and Bella

Last green manure flowering.

The farmer has brought his cattle to this fallow area to eat the last of the grass. They come to the fence, but I am not sure if they take more interest in me or in the dogs.

Better not approach the fence.

7.11.2019: I returned to the blackthorn and prepared liqueur back home.