Saubersdorf St. Egyden 2.1.2019

Windy, stormy and changeable weather. Snow is forecast for the evening. I walk out in the morning to the fields between Saubersdorf and St. Egyden.

Sun and clouds changing, heavy gusts of wind, together with only a few °C above 0 - full winter gear is needed.

Winzendorf and the limestone quarry.

Bright sunshine and clouds, winter grain does very well with these wet conditions.


At the fishing ond near Saubersdorf.

Heading for St. Egyden.

Clouds gather behind Hohe Wand ...

Here you should see Schneeberg - but wrapped in clouds today. In the meantime, when I´m writing this (6.1.2019), there is more than 1 m of fresh snow up there, and danger of avalanches is graded 4 of 5, which means that avalanches can occur even on slopes with inclination less than 30 degrees, and is rather probable with higher steepness, even with low additional load. Spontaneic release is possible even without additional load, avalanches can reach valley levels. In Losenheim, the shady Laning piste is closed due to danger of avalanches (coming down the long steep scree of the Laning - Ries). But lots of snow on the warmer, sunny alternative piste.

Down here, there only is wet snow that doesn´t settle, and rain.

Large puddles on the grassland.

Snow shower over Grünbach.

Snow shower over Grünbach.

View to the North to Winzendorf and the Fischau mountains.

View to the east to the Rosalia mountains.

I´m approaching the outskirts of St. Egyden.


Hohe Wand

Sun and clouds in pretty changes.

Hohe Wand, and the snow shower above Grünbach, ...

 ... also drawing to Neunkirchen and the Wechsel region.

Clouds now crossing the edge of Hohe Wand.

Still sunny here, the mountains are a bit of a barrier.

Bucklige Welt - the sunshine will not hold on for long.

Snowing on Hohe Wand.

The shower comes closer, first snowflakes arriving.

A first rush is over, sunshine over Grünbach now.

Back at the fishing pond near Saubersdorf.

Back to sunshine now.

But this is to change in due course ...

 ... and I´m very pleased to reach my car within these minutes. Back home, there is a blizzard when I go for shopping in the local supermarket, and only one hour later, there is a continuous though thin blanket of snow.