Saubersdorf 29./30.1.2018

After a rany evening the sky cleared over night, and it gets unusual warm. I have to post a parcel in Weikersdorf, so I start directly from there and walk to Saubersdorf and back.

In this windy foen air today ...

 ... Schneeberg can be seen perfectly.

Weikersdorf´s church.

Frauen beck.

Nice reflections at the pond.

Ahead we have to cross the tarmac road between Winzendorf and Saubersdorf.

These trees looked very different a few days before ...

Clear view here too ...

 ... and Lucy enjoys the view.

Fishing pond

In the bee hobves, the bees are out, as the temperature is near 20 °C. Regrettably, they don´t find anything to eat today, maybe except a few hazelnut catkins. But I see them drinking from the puddles at the road. I´d suspect the climate change also does harm to the bees. Usually, they shouldn´t fly out end January.

On the hill with the transponder mast.

I coss the hill and walk along the outskirts of Saubersdorf.

Saubersdorf´s church.

The mobile phone transponder with Schneeberg and Hohe Wand

Puddles in the fields near Saubersdorf.

Straw bales, stacked together in this shelter belt.

Winter grain got yellow in some of the fields - I wonder why? It shouldn´t be too dry this winter.

Mori beck

Good dog Lucy is posing nicely for pictures today.

Frauen beck.

30.1.2018: Rain over night, but I have to walk the dog. Still raining a slight bit, with sunny spells. The ideal mix ...

 ... for a rainbow.

Schneeberg in clouds today.

According to sun and clouds, the rainbow ...

 ... changes colour and intensity.

Clear anyway as often - best display when I´m nearly back home.