Saubersdorf 18.12.2017

After snowing during the night, it cleared early morning, and now the sun is shining. After some work I find an hour or so for a walk with Lucy in the snow.

Everything looks different today with the fresh, powdery snow.

A few residual clouds ...

 ... on the Schneeberg.

The snow is melting in areas exposed to the sun.

With the frozen and snow covered ground, I can walk through freshly tilled fields without getting moody and without destroying the young seed.

View from the chapel near the transponder.

The clouds are getting fewer on Schneeberg.

Winzendorf and the big limestone quarry at the entrance to the Prosset gorge.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

View to the east to the Rosalia mountains.

This conr field wasn´t cropped by the farmer for some inexplicable reason.

Lucy is posing very nicely ...

 ... but now she seems to be fed up.

Looking at some reed and water in between ...

 ... now doing well again.

A few persistent clouds.

180 degree panoramic picture with Schneeberg, Hohe Wand and Fischau mountains. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Sunny spells on Hohe Wand.

It was rather cold last night and in the morning, so the water is still frozen - enough for some snow to settle.

The fishing pond.