Saubersdorf 23.4.2017

A walk with Lucy on the fields to Saubersdorf and Dörfles. After the lots of snow, the thaw and  another rainy night, today it is sunny, but windy, the clouds drawing with high speed. The typical "back side weather" (the back side of a rain front).

Oilseed rape has endured the snow immaculately.

Still clouds on Schneeberg. More snow up there than the whole of the winter.

Huge puddles on the road..

New snow on Hohe Wand from last night.

No frost damage to this vineyard.

View from the "transponder hill" near Saubersdorf to the Schneeberg.

View in the direction of Winzendorf and Bad Fischau (behind the trees)


Hohe Wand

Showers to the North - no ne here.

Cloud shadows shanging rapidly - this view only stayed for a few seconds.

Fond another oilseed rape field.

Clouds drawing in on Schneeberg.

Nearly back at the car, which I parked onthe road between Saubersdorf and Winzendorf.