Saubersdorf 21.3.2017

Walking in the fields between Winzendorf, Weikersdorf, Saubersdorf and Dörfles.

The view to Schneeberg will accompany most of this walk.

Near Weikersdorf, a garden inmidst the fields, with this wonderfully flowrishing forsithia.


The pond between Weikersdorf and Saubersdorf

On the bridge over Mori beck, on the road between Winzendorf and Saubersdorf.

The weather is deteriorating gradually, becoming cloudy in the afternoon.

Still most of Schneeberg free of clouds.

Cornel sherry flowers between the fields.

Huge puddles after recent heavy rain,

Last sunlight at the Schneeberg church.

Flowrishing coltsfoot besides the gravel road.