Autumnal fields heading for Saubersdorf 30.10.2015

Late morning, a walk with Lucy, starting ander a thick layer of high mist, without the camera therefore. Half way, the sun is out. So, back home, I take the camera and the mountain bike and return to the beautiful places I´ve seen before.

Between Winzendorf and Weikersdorf

View back to Winzendorf´s limestone quarry

Repeatedly, I hear birds cry, but do not see any. All of a sudden, I discover the reason: huge swarms of brants on their way to the south. If did count correctly, this flock counts for 114 animals - and it is only one of many that day.

Detailed view. They are flying in a strict formation.

This smaller swarm "only" counts 67 animals.

View in direction Wiener Neustadt

Shortly outside Saubersdorf, flowrishing rapeseed fields, grown in summer after the crop for green manure purposes.



The small vineyard near Saubersdorf

Schneeberg can´t be seen today - it is much too dusty, and the mountain is wrapped in clouds.

Free view to Hohe Wand though.

Shortly before St. Egyden


Nearly back to Winzendorf.