Saubersdorf 31.1.2013

After two weeks of frost, the snow cover disappeared within two days of unbeliebable temperatures up to 15 °C (yesterday evening!), rain, and fön storm. Today, the sun is shining, and despite the strong wind I have to walk out at last. I start near Weikersdorf, exactly on the place where I started on December 6th. The route is a slight bit shorter this time, but very similar.

Only small rest of huge snow cornices.

 ... and high water in the beck due to melting water.

Hohe Wand an Prosset gorge

Large puddles on the fields: Lacken auf den Feldern: the large amounts of water cannot drain into the earth because in deeper layers it is still frozen.

Semmering in the background.

Schneeberg behind some clouds at the beginning of my walk.

Hohe Wand

Clouds are changing however

More puddles ...

 ... with reflections

Gradually, I get the impression, that these are not clouds, but  ...

 ... huge snow drifts banners. It must have been snowing up there during yesterday´s rain, so there are lots of new snow.

High water in Mori beck near Saubersdorf

Winzendorf´s limestone quarry

Fishing pond between Winzendorf and Saubersdorf

The ice cover seems to have been rather thick, as there is some left even after two days of extreme thaw.

Wayside shrine on a hill near Saubersdorf.

View doen to Winzendorf

To my knowledge, this is the only place where you get a good picture of the whole of Winzendorf.

Winzendorf - the"Oberdorf" ("Upper village")

It is getting a bit hazy now, and Schneeberg does not shine as light as before.

270 degree panoramic picture from the hill in direction south to east. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

I turn left on top of the hill heading for Saubersdorf; on a way crossing I find this wayside shrine.

Vineyrd near Saubersdorf - seems to be one of the southernmost vineyards on the eastern end of the Alps.


Flooded fields at the outskirts of Saubersdorf ...

 ... as well as near my way back to Weikersdorf.

Back home in my garden: incredible, but in a place where only two days ago a big snow heap has been beneath the way back to the front door of my house, these winter anemones are flourishing - on January 31st!