Saubersdorf and more - after the rain, 17.10.2012

Yesterday, it rained nearly all day, the night however was starry. Thus, I volunteered to get up early with the kids, so at 7:30 I already started with my mountain bike heading for the grassland and fields between Winzendorf, Saubersdorf and St. Egyden/Neusiedl.

The sun has just risen some minutes before. First, it is shining on Schneeberg ...

 ... and shortly thereafter down here.

In direction Saubersdorf I pass by a ...

 ... pumpkin field.

Next year´s seed has already germinated - the wet haulms are sparkling in the sun.

Flowering oilseed rape, seeded for green manure purposes.

Corn fields soon will be cropped.

A view in direction Winzendorf.

Schneeberg, with the village of Willendorf in front.

The shadows are still long ...

Panoramic picture of Schneeberg Hohe Wand, with Winzendorf´s limestone quarry far right. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Near the trees there is a fishing pond.

This corn fields already is cropped.

St. Egyden

The pond near the street in Neusiedl.

I am standing too close to get everthing into one picture. So, there is a panoramic picture, made from 8 pictures, double row. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Further on heading for Mollram, till the model aircraft - airport.

Hohe Wand ...

 ... and zooming in.

Sonnwendstein in the southern direction, with the transponder of the ORF.

A view over Mollram. I turn back here.

Back via Neusiedl and a short way along the Blätterstraße. Here, a late seed of Phacelia ...

 ... and rape.

Puddles from yesterday´s rain ...

 ... with Hohe Wand reflecting.

Maple trees are getting yellow.

I have a closer look to the pumpkin field ...

 ... They are marrows, not oil pumpkins.