On the fields near Saubersdorf and Doerfles - 25.1.2012

After a few days of rain and a slight bit of snow last night, the clouds are tearing apart - at least in the plain. The high mountains being still in clouds, it does not make sense to go there. So I take my mountain bike for a ride along gravel roads between Winzendorf, Saubersdorf and Doerfles.

Yesterday night´s tiny bit of snow keeps mainly in the shadow. Here, Schneeberg should be in sight, but it is wrapped in clouds.

This is the view in direction Bad Fischau, to the left is ...

Winzendorf with the ...

 ... large disused limestone quarry.

Proceding further ...

along the fishing pond between Saubersdorf and Winzendorf ...

 ... to the hill sear Saubersdorf, where there is a small chapel and a cell phone tower.


View to Hohe Wand, with Kienberg in front to the left, far right is Mitterberg.

A few vineyards on the smooth slope from the hill down to Saubersdorf.

Willendorf in the background to the left. Schneeberg behind in clouds, Hohe Wand in the background.

View to Wiener Neustadt ...

 ... and - zooming in  - Weikersdorf with the church. In the background the big building of Wiener Neustadt´s military academy.

Winzendorf, with Mitterberg behind, the limestone quarry and Schlossberg to the right.



Hohe Wand and Kienberg

The view to the Wechsel region

Viewing North - Bad Fischau is behind the hill.

Clouds are wrapping Schneeberg. Maybe it is snowing up there ...

Poplars around the pond near Doerfles.

Blosser Berg near Winzendorf ...

 ... and zooming in.


Houses of Doerfles to the right.

At the end of my ride I make a short detour to Blosser Berg. From there the view goes to Wechsel/Semmering, ...

 ... Wiener Becken/Rosalia mountains ...

 ... and Winzendorf, hidden behind the trees.