St. Lambrecht 15. and 16. 8. 2008

Invited by Monika Fahrnberger I may take part in a world premiere of a newly composed psalm and in a small part of a concert in the monastery of St. Lambrecht join the multinational chamber choir. To be present at rehearsals, it makes up for a short "holiday" from 14.8. to 17.8. Not much time to go out, and it was raining a lot.

15.8.: I make advantage of a free morning to do a short walk with my daughter Renate, which also takes part in the psalm premiere. We start from the outskirts of the village i direction to Grebenzen (which we don´t reach in the short time span). The monastery of Saint Lambrecht in the background.

A bit further into the short valley, even a sunny spell now.

The upper halfs of the mountains are wrapped in couds, another reason not to go up too high.

The village of St. Lambrecht ...

 ... with the monastery in maximal Zoom. AT this point we turned back to be in time for the lunch. This turned out to be a wise decision, because 30 minutes after our arrival back the heavens opened and it poured stair rods, in a thunderstorm - the predicted cold front arrived. ALl the rest of the day it was raining.

16.8.2008. In the evening it cleras up, and there is a very intense light now. So I go for a short sightseeing to the monastery with my camera.

Looking down this staircase and admiring the building, ...

 ... the abbot himself, Otto Strohmaier OSB, has a short look out from the door, and shortly after turns back into the building.

View from near the monastary´s gate to the church.

View from one of the windows of the guest wing of the building.

The baroque garden ...

 ... with the pavilion, as seen from the windows of our accomodation in the building.

View from the window to Grebenzen.