Alpine flora near lake St. Wolfgang and on Moosalm 26.5.2004

The days being long in may after congress there is time enough for a short ride on mountainbike to lake St. Wolfgang and Moosalm

Primrose (Primula farinosa, left) and orchid (dactylorhiza majalis, right) on a boggy meadow on southern shore of lake St. Wolfgang

At several places Orchids grow very densely ...

Orchis mascula subsp. signifera in different colour variants

Globularia cordifolia on Moosalm

Moosalm with grazing cows. The big boggy places are overgrown with lots of Fieberklee (Menyanthes trifoliata)

In some places Fieberklee mixes up with primroses

An old maple tree in the light of evening sun

There are many boggy places here - hence the name "Moosalm" ("moss pasture")

On the way back a short view to Schwarzensee

Near Strobl: View into Weiszenbach valley to Postalm - in the backgrount Braunedlkogel, well known in the meantime ...