Early Winter in Salzburg 24.11.2005

After a long, warm and calm late autumn weather winter has come immediately: icy temperatures of -6oC in the afternoon and 20 cm of snow in the city of Salzburg, where I am staying for a day. A walk on a beautiful path along the slopes of Gaisberg

Panoramic view on the city of Salzburg, a bit dusty. It is nearly impossible to make out details.

At times the slope is so stepp, that the path leads over a bridge saefly anchored in the rocks. A huge effort for just a walking path.

Very steep escarpments, indeed.

Winter impressions in the deeply snow covered wood. At times the high fog lets through a few rays of sun.

Adding up to the snow there is thick hoarfrost on all branches.

We walk quite far around the mountain, so at the end the view down already goes to the surroundings of Salzburg