Rohr im Gebirge 27.5.2007

At least I find time to go out into nature. When visiting friends in Rohr im Gebirge I sneak out for a short walk on the nearby Gruenkogel (990 m).

First I walk from Gries in northern direction to the saddle called Griesler Gscheid

Akeleiblaettrige Wiesenraute (Thalictrum aquilegifolium) near the path

The route goes through forest ...

(here I find birdīs nest orchids (Neottia nidus avis)) ...

 ... and through grassland

Here are growing Cypress spurges (Euphorbia cyparissias) ...

 ... and Dwarf milkwort (Polygala amara)

Round-headed Rampions (Phytaeum orbiculare) are growing in great amounts

On Griesler Gscheid. View in western direction over forested mountains.

From here I walk up a steep ridge to Gruenkogel. Apart firs there a lots of beeches here

 ... giving good shadow with their leaves.

On a small plateau: an old trunk and rampions.

On summit of Gruenkogel (990 m) there is a fine view to Schneeberg (2.075 m), here presenting from the unusual western side. Leitermauern in the foreground to the left .

Only small amounts of snow are left in narrow gullies where winter snow has been drifted to. They will have been disappeared soon in this exceptionally warm year.

On the descent the view goes to Kleinzeller Fels (1.061 m).

Down a narrow small dale.

Bastard Balm (Melittis melissophyllum)

Down in the valley again.

Globe Flower (Trollius europaeus)

Lilies of the valley (Convallaria majalis) are still flourishing here.

Akeleiblaettrige Wiesenraute (Thalictrum aquilegifolium).