Rohr im Gebirge 11.12.2005

"Rohrer Bergadvent" is one of so many Advent weekend markets performed in Austria, and it attracts many visitors, like us. The weather is cloudless and very cold (on our nightly drive home the temperature was -12,5 degrees C!), and Winzendorf being almost freee of snow, Rohr is covered with about 40 cm.

View on Rohr im Gebirge from south

Panoramic view of Rohr im Gebirge from the same point. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Detail with Rohr´s church

View into the valley leading to Unterberg

Icicles in the sunshine - frosty here the whole day

Behind the barn where the Advent market takes place, the local firebrigade has mounted a tree and sprayed so much water on it that it turned to an ice sculpture

Warming at burning trunks.

Behind the barn some tractor tracks lead through the deep snow, making possible a little walk

Panorama of winter landscape above Rohr im Gebirge. Click into the picture for a larger version.

The sun stands deep on the sky

Rohr´s church and the barn where the main part of the Advent market takes place.

Hunters´ high seat in the snow

On the way back

The shadows grow longer now ...

The ice sculpture begins to gloom in the last sun rays.

The sun will disappear soon ...

In the barn: a crib with "living crib characters"