Rohr im Gebirge 16.10.2005

Ein wonderful afternoon with friends in Rohr im Gebirge. I start an hour earlier using my racing bike, which was transported back on top of the car. The route leads from Winzendorf  via Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten to Piesting, then further through Piesting valley via Waldegg, Oed, Reichental and Pernitz to Gutenstein, finally through the gorgeous Steinapiesting valley and the Haselrast saddle to Rohr im Gebirge/ im Gries, all in all about 45 km with approximately 650 m ascent.

Soon after Muthmannsdorf near the curve these wonderful autumn flowers near the road.

Autumnal colours shortly before Dreistetten

The ruined castle Starhemberg

In the Piesting valley

Shortly after Gutenstein the narrow gorge at the entrance of Steinapiesting valley

In Rohr: Wooden well in our friendsī yard, ...

 ... immediately discovered by Sheila

Our friendsī cattle herd

The meadows immediately above the farm, now mowed

View down the valley in direction Rohr im Gebirge. The farm is the last one on the way up to Unterberg.

Small weir at the beck near the farm. Ducks are living here.

On the mountain pasture, where our farmers flock lives in summer, on half way to Unterberg

Here our kite flies better than down in the valley.

Numerous thistles on the pasture

Autumnal beech forest on the way back

Wooden cross ("Marterl") at the outskirt of the garden, near the duck pond

The ducks really live well here.

After a placid coffee once more we go out and try to let our kites fly.

Now the sun will disappear in a few moments.