Rohr im Gebirge 16.10.2016

After a long time a visit in Rohr im Gebirge. First a fine lunch at the Furtnerwirt restaurant, then a trip to the Brunntaler Höhe, Blauboden, Unterberghaus and "im Gries"

Wer meet up at the Furtnerwirt. As we arrived a bit earlier, we get 15 minutes for a short exploration of the surroundings of the inn.

Autumn has approached.

The Pists of the Furtner ski lifts ...

Im Gries. After delicious coffe and cakes, I go out with Lucy for a bit of fresh air.

At this point, I meet the old farmer of the "Gries" - he takes me on a tour with his car up to the Brunntaler Höhe.

Blauboden - a huge mountain pasture belonging to the farm "Im Gries". Here, the cattle are living during the summer we get out delicious beef from.

View down the Miragraben - a narrow valley ...

 ... and over to the Blochboden comprising the western extension of the Unterberg ridge.


Up here there is a small pond, ...

 .. a large part of which is overgrown with reed.

Brunntaler Höhe, a smooth ridge south of the Miragraben.

Blauboden. Schneeberg is in dust or clouds today.

My driver´s dog, who´d also have liked to jump out of the car.

A short detour to the Unterberg house with the chapel of Maria Einsiedl.

View up the ski piste to the Unterberg summit ...

 ... and from the house down to the chapel and a hunter´s lodge, both belonging to (and maintained by) the farmers of "Im Gries".

Back in the valley "Im Gries", enjoying the last of the sunrays.

Miragraben from beneath.