Rhine falls 7. + 8.12.2008

Visiting relatives on an extended weekend in Switzerland, Neuhausen near Rhine falls.

The swiss are claiming that the cascades of the Rhine near Neuhausen is the biggest water fall in Europa. Sure it is not the highest one, but regarding its width and water amount, this argument may be legitimate. Mind you - a whole medium sized river is falling down 23 metres.

A large cloud of water dust can be seen from afar, and the sound can be heared from the nearby town despite the traffic noise.

This view platform is very close - we shall visit it later on the day.

"Schloessli Woerthli" downstream the falls, where a big pond has been washed out.

One of the two rocks can be climbed, but you only can get there by boat, however there is no service now, in winter only on Sunday afternoons on demand.

We now alk up along the left side of the falls (as seen from beneath)

This small cascade may increase to a third big cascade in summer, when much more water is in the river.

On the opposite side is Laufen castle.

Panoramic view from above Rhine falls - click here or into the picture for a larger verison.

Late afternoon. We are approaching the falls from the opposite side, via Laufen Castle, and enter the view platform close to the water.

Panoramic view from the platform. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The houses of Neuhausen ...

 ...are very close.

The boat has brought some people to the rock.

Old industrial buildings (see below)

The platform is considerably large.

Once more a Panorama ...

The Rhine falls at night ...

Laufen is illuminated too.

Dust over the scenery next morning.

Laufen Castle

A water mill wheel


 It says "This old water wheel was constructed according to old plans and set into operation on 9.April 1976. It is reminding on the many wheels having been in this place from the 11th century on. The last water wheel had been replaced by a turbine in 1864.

A memorial sponsored by the aluminium industry:


Last pictures ...